Virginia Contractor Procurement Alliance

The VCPA was formed to insure that Virginia taxpayer dollars are used wisely when used to construct government infrastructure.

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About the VCPA

The Code of Virginia states in § 2.2-4300 of the Public Procurement Act

“All procurement procedures be conducted in a fair and impartial manner with avoidance of any impropriety or appearance of impropriety, that all qualified vendors have access to public business and that no offer be arbitrarily or capriciously excluded, it is the intent of the General Assembly that competition be sought to the maximum feasible degree, that procurement procedures involve openness and administrative efficiency.”

The Code continues to state clearly that the Competitive Sealed Bid method of procurement is the preferred method of procurement § 2.2-4303

"All public contracts with nongovernmental contractors for the purchase or lease of goods, or for the purchase of services, insurance, or construction, shall be awarded after competitive sealed bidding, or competitive negotiation as provided in this section, unless otherwise authorized by law.

We strongly support the above Code sections and their clear intent.

In recent years, the Virginia Code has expanded to include numerous forms of alternative procurements as listed below. We support these procurements however feel that they need to be more tightly defined so as to best protect the taxpayer, to ensure the integrity of the public trust and provide the best product for the best price.

Alternative methods of procurement include:

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Construction Management at Risk

Job Order Contracting

Design Build

Joint and Cooperative Procurement

Public Private Education Act